Bring the culinary experience home.

Learn with the best & brightest.

Your Fork puts you at the centre of your culinary experience.

If you want to learn, live, with a leading chef to discover their recipe secrets, simply browse through our extensive network, book a time and let them guide you directly through your creations. 

Or, if you want to mix the perfect cocktail, cook a restaurant quality meal or learn about wine at your own pace, head over to our pre-recorded Your Monthly Menus and stream a personalised lesson straight into your home whenever you want it – Your Fork can even deliver your ingredients and equipment!

Your Monthly Menu

Your Monthly Menus bring world class chefs, sommeliers, and more directly into your home through pre-recorded video experiences. Each month, Your Fork presents three expertly curated video experiences all of which can be enjoyed with or without a Your Fork Ingredient Box.

Starting in February 2021, with three St. Valentine’s Day experiences, Your Fork Monthly Menus go far beyond a normal restaurant box. You won’t be plating ready made food or pouring ready made drinks. All the creating is done by you as you follow our resident experts, step by step.

Your Live Classes

Imagine the World’s Best Bartender showing you how to create the perfect espresso martini live and 1-2-1. Or getting together with a group of friends to roll the perfect pasta, guided every step by an Italian pasta chef.

That’s exactly what Your Live Classes are.  

Through live video calls, learn from real hospitality experts in-person. Now everyone has the opportunity to meet the chef!

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