The French Nutritionist’s Pumpkin Brownies

If sugar, salt & fat are the work of evil spirits, then these 4 ingredient pumpkin brownies must be the work of angels!

No butter, oil, flour, grains or sugar, but they taste amazing!

Sabrina’s Rocky Road Halloween Cookies

Double chocolate, filled with chocolate pieces, fudge and a marshmallow. Warning – these are highly addictive, will make your house smell irresistible and are impossible to wait until they cool to eat. If that’s not evil, we don’t know what is.

Tom Cenci’s Pumpkin Cornbread

What do you get it you add maple syrup and pumpkin to cornbread? No no, we’re not tricking you, this is a real treat from Tom Cenci!

Ren’s Pumpkin Rescue Curry

Let’s spare a thought for all those pumpkins that, tomorrow, will be cast aside, forgotten until next year. We cry foul on that, so don’t let your pumpkin go to waste and instead turn it in to a delicious Indian curry. Also known to ward off vampires.

Coratella di Agnello

A hearty warming dish to warm you before a night of witchcraft & wizardry.
Especially good enjoyed just before you head out on your broomstick.

How your thoughts change your brain

Lisa Blane presents an insightful and thought provoking piece on how your thoughts change your brain. As the nights draw in, it’s important for us all to remain conscious of ourselves.

Andy’s Spooky Cocktail

For this, you’ll need one size 2 cauldron, but if you can’t get that size…or if you don’t own a cauldron, simply follow Andy’s video to make this delicious cocktail…best enjoyed after dark!

Juul’s Pumpkin Banana Bread

You decide if this is spooky or tasty…or both, all we know is that adding pumpkin to banana bread can’t be without a little magic…

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Despite the Barefoot Contessa exclaiming that “Anyone who tries to make brownies without butter should be arrested“, we’ve done it.