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Are you an experienced chef, cocktail maker, sommelier or any other hospitality professional with something to share? Would you like to earn some extra money in your spare time, setting your own hours and your own prices from your own home? Have you ever thought about teaching customers directly?


Your Fork is a direct link between you, the professionals (we call you Experts), and the customer. Our platform allows vetted Experts to offer paid, live, 1-2-1 or group video lessons, teaching customers to create specific food or drink.

You're in charge


Your Fork offers you, an Expert in your field, the opportunity to spread your knowledge to people who are interested in learning, whilst setting your own prices and working on your own schedule.


We’ve put some common questions together here, but why not register and find out for yourself.

Your Fork is completely free for you, as Experts, to offer your classes and market yourself.

That is really up to you! If you feel that you have something that people want to learn, go ahead and offer to teach it. Remember to describe your lesson fully though – the more information you put out the more likely you will be to get people to buy it!

Again, entirely up to you! We don’t set specific pricing, and encourage you to take control of your own pricing model. Put simply, you decide what you feel is a fair price for your lesson.

We add a small percentage fee on top of your lesson cost. This fee covers our payment processing fees (we use Stripe), upkeep of the platform and normal business costs. 

This is something that we are working on implementing (offering discount codes / vouchers for you to offer), however for now, you could just reduce the price of your lesson and mention the discounted rate in the description.

Once your lesson has completed, the customers card is charged and you are paid directly by our payment processing provider to your bank account.

This number increases all the time, which gives Your Fork customers a more varied choice when searching for a class.

As with customers, our Experts can cancel an experience up to 7 calendar days before the scheduled start, or reschedule up to 3 days before. 

We ask all Your Fork members to give at least 7 calendar days notice should they need to cancel or reschedule. If your customer cancels after this time, you will still be paid and the customer will lose the lesson (unless you agree to reschedule after this time, which is your decision)

At the end of each lesson, Your Fork customers are sent a brief feedback summary. We haven’t decided how to use these feedback surveys yet, but for now we’ll feed back any specific comments to you that could help you to improve our lessons!

Absolutely! We know that people often prefer learning in groups so actively encourage it. On the platform you have the option as to the number of “tickets” you sell – if you set this to 1, then you can only have one participant, but simply change it if you want to hold a group class.

Absolutely! Your Fork allows free classes to be offered, and won’t charge you any fee for doing so. We do monitor all classes and if we think that you are being a little generous with your free classes, we’ll reach out to you directly.

Ready to get started?

You’re about to take the first step to becoming a Your Fork Expert. just imagine the look on people’s faces as they finally crack something that they’ve wanted to do for a long time!

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Once you submit the registration form, someone from the Your Fork team will contact you to intro the platform properly, give you some tips on posting classes and approve you as an Expert.

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