How your thoughts change your brain

Neuroscience communication is currently looking at how words and thoughts can change your brain, and therefore your mindset and wellbeing.

A single word can directly influence our cells, genes and health, which then regulate our physical and emotional stress. When words forge a direct relationship with our body, they will in turn have a huge impact on our perception of reality.

Change the way in which you perceive reality

Our perception of the reality takes place in thalamus. It is a large mass of grey matter located near the centre of the brain which relays sensory information to the areas of the brain that interpret words, and then act upon the signals to our perception of the world.

Over time the structure of the thalamus will change in response to our conscience, words, thoughts and feelings. When thalamus changes, it has a great effect on the way in which you perceive reality.

This is why we literally become what we think about.

If you think the worst and immerse yourself in misery, then that is absolutely what you are going to experience. ‘Misery loves company’, they say and it is very true. The negative energy you’re creating through your thoughts will attract other negative people and push away anyone who can add positive value to your life.

On the flip side, if you keep a positive attitude and think good, happy then you will receive the good vibes from others and become the best version of yourself. By actively choosing different thoughts, you can reinforce the habit of thinking positively. You can literally train your brain to be happy, yes!

YOU CAN create your reality!

YOU CAN create a safe, happy and positive for those around you!

YOU CAN change the way you think and train your brain to be happy!


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