Time to get a pan on the heat...

Let Bart van der Lee be your Masterchef

Bart van der Lee has to be one of our absolute favourite chefs. Not only is he an amazing chef, Masterchef The Professionals finalist (#bartshouldhavewon) and really charismatic in front of the camera, but he's also a genuinely nice guy!

We liked him so much, we wanted to share one of his dishes with you, absolutely free so that you get to enjoy the happy Dutchman cooking up a storm. Of course, you'll have to buy your own ingredients...if only there was someone you could order a beautifully packed ingredient box from...hmmm...

Tempted by a Night In with Bart?

Masterchef Date Night with Bart van Der Lee
Masterchef Date Night with Bart van Der Lee
Masterchef Date Night with Bart van Der Lee
Masterchef Date Night with Bart van Der Lee
Masterchef Date Night with Bart van Der Lee

Scallops, marinated fennel, sun dried tomato, beurre blanc, dill

Hand dived Scottish scallops, delicate, crunchy fennel served with a thick beurre blanc. Only 15 minutes to cook...and a couple of minutes to bask in your success.

Duck breast with grilled asparagus, pine nut puree, watercress and a mango cumin jus

Plump duck breast, cooked to perfection by your own hands, served with English asparagus, a pine nut puree and a delicious balanced mango & cumin sauce.

Red fruit salad with Thai basil, crispy almonds and gratinated with a Pedro Ximénez sabayon

This isn't your granny's fruit salad. Bart will show you how to elevate a simple fruit salad with crisp almonds, Thai basil and finished with a raisiny, sweet sabayon.

What do you need to have

12 eggs - you'll use 7 eggs, but best to have 12 just in case (we've tried, but we can't send eggs safely)

150ml whole milk

Stick blender - like the one that Bart is using in the photo

Normal blender - for the pine nut puree, a basic normal blender is needed

Salt & pepper for seasoning

Whisk (electric if you prefer...Bart uses a non-electric one in the videos), a couple of saucepans, baking tray & frying pan.

    Book Bart Now!

    A fun experience with the happy Dutchman!

    Everything delivered to your door

    Who remembers those old-style cookery TV shows? Everything pre-measured by a team of assistants so that the “chef” could simply tip ingredient after ingredient into a pan, give it a stir and out came a perfect dish. Effortless. 

    Well, we’ve embraced that for our Night In Recipe Kit. Sure, you’ll have to chop, peel and actually cook, but we’ve done your ‘mise en place’, measuring everything out for you, clearly labelling each ingredient – saves some of the washing up at least!

    start to dinner in no time

    Have you ever cooked with any other meal kit providers? One constant comment that we read from others (and, honestly, if you’ve had a Night In with Lee Westcott, us as well) is that it takes too long. From now on, we’re asking our chefs to cook how they’d cook at home – menus that don’t take all night to create. For us, the whole Night In experience is much more than just the cooking, so who wants to be tied in the kitchen whilst you brunoise shallots (or google what that means!)

    Bart’s menu, from start to finish takes around one hour, but we say two hours because you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll be chatting, tasting and eating as you go. We send some tips and tricks ahead of your Night In to speed things up, but our best advice is don’t stress about your creations – they’ll taste even better if you relax and enjoy cooking them!

    New, improved packaging

    We really do love the planet and want to help where we can. Whether it’s our upcoming tree planting (watch this space) or our recycled packaging, being sustainable is just the right thing to do.

    However, we’ve had some great comments from customers about our little plastic pots – yes, they are recycled & recyclable, but you still end up with 10+ plastic pots to do something with once you’re done cooking. From now on, we’ve changed our packaging to use much more paper and virtually zero plastic. This means that once you are finished cooking, you’ll have a small pile of recycled paper that can easily, and sustainably, be disposed of (or use to light a bbq, draw pictures, fold hats or many other things) Let us know what you think!

    A really fun evening

    At the centre of all our experiences is fun. Plain and simple. We’re here to change how you have a Night In…we won’t replace a night out, but we all want a night in now and again, but why does it have to be boring?

     Bart, we’re calling him the happy Dutchman, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. It’s impossible not to watch his videos and get inspired to cook, but even better than that, you’ll have a great time doing it. Whether you’re cooking for two, or invite friends over and cook for more, with Bart’s easy to follow videos, our incredible ingredients and all the little extras in the box, we really believe that we’ve cracked the recipe for a great Night In…that’s why we’re the Night In Recipe Kit people :)

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