The Night In Recipe Kit

With new chefs & cuisines queuing up to offer their take on the ultimate night in, we have to time limit each chef to just one month. Don’t miss out on booking this month’s chefs and don’t forget to keep coming back to see who we’re welcoming next!

Product imageBart's seared scallops

Masterchef date night

with bart van der lee

delicious food can't last forever. bart is only here for 2 deliveries!

From £95 for 2 people
Difficulty: 3/5
Cooking time: 2 hrs

Make date night extra special with Masterchef The Professional’s finalist Bart van der Lee. Hand dived scallops, plump duck breast & the ultimate fruit salad, cooked to perfection by you with Bart's expert & fun guidance!

Something gourmet

with linda galloway

Don't miss today gone...soon!

From £70 for 2 people
Difficulty: 3/5
Cooking time: 1 .5 hrs

Achievable gourmet. This won't have you in the kitchen all night, but you'll create some incredibly delicious food...and feel proud to have done it! A beautifully sunny menu, paired with some (optional) sunny wine. Definitely not one to miss.

Founder image
Founder image

Tacos & Tostadas.

with Dos Mas

Don't let this one get away, Dos Mas only have 1 delivery left!

From £50 for 2 people
Difficulty: 2/5
Cooking time: 1 hr

We're bring the Mexican sun in to your home! Charlie & Rupert, the Dos Mas twin taquerias, sharing their secrets with genuine Mexican ingredients. Steak, shrimps & churros. Why not?!

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Chef created recipes

World class experts have created easy to follow videos & recipe cards. We don't want you stressed out in the kitchen!

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Sustainable packaging

We're committed to helping the environment and so all of our packaging is recycled & recyclable

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Artisan ingredients

We work with small, artisan producers to ensure super high quality ingredients & to support local businesses.

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Zero food waste

With almost everything weight out for you, you'll have virtually zero food waste & a delicious meal.

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